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Boro Park Leading NY’s Worst Measles Outbreak in Decades

8 Jan 2019 3:29 PM

Boro Park – New York state is battling its worst measles outbreak in decades, but Boro Park is the epicenter of the epidemic, the city’s Department of Health said today.
The disease, which began when an unvaccinated child arrived from Israel over Sukkos, has since affected 55 children — all of them not immunized — in New York City. A larger outbreak in Rockland County has sickened 105 people as of Friday.
Of the 55 cases in the city, 32 of them are in Boro Park, 21 in Williamsburg, and one each in Bensonhurst and in Midwood/Marine Park. In just the past week, there have been two new cases in Boro Park and one new one in Williamsburg.
While measles has largely been eradicated across the country, it erupts every two or three years among the frum community where a small minority of parents have refused to vaccinate.
The refusal to vaccinate affects everyone, since a “herd immunity” against the highly contagious virus only works when a high rate of people is vaccinated. Since some people did not immunize, children too young to be vaccinated are endangered, as well as those who have taken the shots but may be vulnerable anyhow.
“We have made an incredibly aggressive effort to address this,” New York state health commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker said. “This has been the worst measles outbreak in recent history in New York state.”

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