“A Wake-Up Call:” is what Mayor Adams Calls the Decreasing Number of Ethnic Minorities who Vote for Democrats

“A Wake-Up Call:” is what Mayor Adams Calls the Decreasing Number of Ethnic Minorities who Vote for Democrats

by Yehudit Garmaise

Orthodox Jews in NYC are not the only ones who are increasingly casting their votes for Republicans.

“When we see that only six out of 10 Asians and Hispanic in NYC voting Democrat, when last year, it was seven or eight out of 10, we better listen to the wake-up call,” Mayor Eric Adams said today at a press conference on New Utrecht Avenue in Boro Park.

“You can’t talk over people, said the mayor. “You have to talk to people, and New Yorkers are very clear on what they want.

Democrats “ignored the concerns of everyday New Yorkers, such as Inflation, Crime, and the Economy, which the mayor calls “ICE.”

“We have to listen to what New Yorkers are feeling,” the mayor said. “Every poll said that New Yorkers are mostly concerned about crime.”

Unless Democrats “start understanding” that most New Yorkers just want basic things, like public safety and lower prices, then the Democratic party in NYC will continue to lose supporters, the mayor said. 

Although they are also concerned with NY’s ever-increasing crime trends, Adams said that many Democratic politicians fear supporting strong law-and-order agendas because they fear “losing the fringe of the party.”

After speaking to many residents in Southern Brooklyn and citywide, Adams said that as soon as he started his term as mayor, he was most concerned with responding to New Yorkers’ fears for their safety.

The city “is seeing double digit decreases in crime and shootings” because he “zeroed in on guns and shootings,” said Mayor Adams, who pointed out that despite many objections, he put back into place the plainclothes anti-crime unit, which he changed into an anti-gun unit.

Now that Kathy Hochul has been elected to her first full term as governor, Mayor Adams said he is “looking forward to this legislative cycle to bring forth a real agenda for our city and our state.”

When asked about his relationship with Hochul, the mayor said, “She has been an awesome partner.

The mayor said the positive recent changes to bail reform, such as to increase bail for repeat offenders “were because of her.”

“I am looking forward to going back to Albany with her and navigating these challenges. We have to get it right.”

Photo Credit: Flickr 

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