Ad: Donations Pour in as Refuah Helpline's Historic 'Results' Campaign Gets Underway

Ad: Donations Pour in as Refuah Helpline's Historic 'Results' Campaign Gets Underway

You can’t go far these days without coming across the massive campaign launched by Refuah Helpline to support its holy mission on behalf of Cholei Yisroel. 

The group that was originally established by the renowned Mrs. Hanna Landau has over the past decade grown to boast a team of dozens of caseworkers and support staff working around the clock on behalf of our community’s sick. This two-day fundraiser, powered by the organization’s staff as well as those who have witnessed their great work, will fund this lifesaving service in the year ahead.

Despite the endless influx of calls into Refuah Helplines offices, all the services including referrals, advocacy, case management, appointment expediting and truly anything a patient may need, are provided at no charge and no patient is ever turned away. This week the community will step up to strengthen the hand of the Refuah Helpline team and further ensure the unparalleled results they have become known for.

This year’s initiative is aptly titled ‘Results,’ an ode to the remarkable and often unimaginable results brought about by Refuah Helpline, a direct result of their efforts designed to maximize results and minimize anguish. It is little surprise then that Cholei Yisroel and their families have come to rely on their Refuah caseworkers to expertly handle the myriad medical issues that they are forced to grapple with, R”L. From the day that they first receive the difficult news, and often even well before that, the Refuah Helpline team takes their hand and guides them through this notoriously complex world — with life-altering results. 

Refuah Helpline has rightfully become the address they turn to for the positive results they hope for!

And this work is only a result of the support from a generous nation that continues to lend a hand to its brothers and sisters in crisis. This year, Refuah’s growing mission demands increased funding and it is expected that Klal Yisroel will step up with generosity to ensure that every Yid has access to this crucial assistance.

The Results campaign will run through Wednesday night, during these days when we all seek to gather zechusim to merit a blessed year ahead. The teams of honorees and raisers are working to secure donations, and a grateful global community appears eager to help bring about the desired results.

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