AD: Poel Group Raising Hire

AD: Poel Group Raising Hire

By M.C. Millman

CEO Chaim Desser has been on both sides of the aisle, working as a job seeker for a number of positions as well as an entrepreneur and employer in search of quality employees over the years.

Now he serves as Founder and CEO of Poel Group and uses that life experience to create a business that understands and is sensitive to both sides of the business equation.

“We are the experts in the field of recruiting and a trusted recruitment firm,” Desser shares with BoroPark24. “We  value confidentiality, and we understand how to present both companies to the candidates and how to present the candidates to the employers.”

During its NUMBER of years in the recruitment business, Poel Group has helped over a thousand successful companies who were able to expand their business within the community due to the candidates Poel Group provided them with through their team of expert recruiters.

“Poel Group prides itself on its reputation,” says Desser. “Poel Groups candidates have longevity and form lasting relationships within their new companies. Taking on a new hire is backed up by the Poel Group guarantee.”

Candidates who want to explore new horizons can contact Poel Group and are not charged for the service.

“We value the resumes sent to us,” Desser says. “Every resume is utilized by one of our professional recruiters.”

To view exciting, updated opportunities, visit PoelGroup here.

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