Adora, the Baby Brand

Adora, the Baby Brand

By Toby Friedman

Adora is a trademark that brings everyday infant products to a whole new level. The brand known for its dainty line of baby goods has just introduced its latest addition; the Adora pacifier.

Bruchie S, mother of six, was inspired. She detected a need for gift-worthy baby accessories and Adora was born. The company started out with pacifier clips, headbands, and hospital hats. And now the Adora pacifier made its appearance.

Bruchie put her heart and soul into producing the perfect pacifier. She successfully came out with a pacifier that sticks to her high standards of durability, safety, and beauty.

The elegant-looking product was shaped to perfection making it desirable to newborns.

Its material, premium-grade silicone, is very light and free of BPA, latex, and other harmful chemicals.

Since it is a single part product, there is no choking hazard.

It is also super easy to clean which prevents bacteria build-up.

The pacifier is pretty, soft, and safe. It is currently being sold in all better baby boutiques for an introductory price. Try this once and you won’t regret it.  

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