All New Yorkers who Receive SNAP Assistance to Receive Maximum Benefits in October

All New Yorkers who Receive SNAP Assistance to Receive Maximum Benefits in October

     All 2.79 million New York state residents who are enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), are receiving the state’s maximum level of food benefits for October, thanks the federal government, which just added to $230 million to the $2 billion that SNAP has distributed this year, announced Gov. Kathy Hochul today.

     In New York City, households that receive SNAP benefits should see them between Oct. 18 and Oct. 31.

     Although New Yorkers who already receive the maximum level of grocery assistance also will receive additional payments of at least $95 later this month, the households that do not ordinarily receive the maximum allowable benefits will be brought up to SNAP’s highest level of aid.

     "We need to make sure every New Yorker does not have to experience hunger and food insecurity," Gov. Hochul said. "By supporting food benefits during this difficult time, we are helping to ensure that everyone in this state gets a much-needed helping hand so they can make ends meet, support themselves and their families, and be successful."

     As usual, SNAP will deliver its payments directly to recipients' existing Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) accounts, which can be accessed with recipients' EBT cards.

     SNAP’s supplemental benefits, just like regular SNAP benefits, can be used to purchase food at authorized retail food stores. SNAP benefits that remain unused will be carried over, automatically, to the following month.

     Not only do SNAP funds benefit New Yorkers who are struggling to recover from the COVID pandemic, but every dollar of their benefits that residents spend on food can greatly stimulate the state’s economy and provide more jobs, according to a federal study.

     "In addition to bringing much-needed relief to food-insecure families and individuals throughout the state, these added benefits are providing a welcome boost to our local retailers,” said Commissioner Barbara Guinn, the executive deputy of the state’s Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, which administers SNAP. “We will continue to work with Gov. Hochul and the federal government to ensure these benefits continue to help New Yorkers during this time of need."

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