An Upscale Tour of Urbana

Serene and rustic vibes envelop the diners at Urbana’s restaurant as elegant and delectable dishes are doled out. 

Each dish is meticulously and artistically plated by Mendy, Urbana’s master chef. For 16 years Mendy has passionately created and fed people with expertise. At Urbana he brings food to the next level, creating exotic and well-constructed recipes.

Being a restaurant with style and quality Urbana imports fish from New Zealand and cheese from Italy! It’s a place where you get to expand your palette with new flavors. 

Drunk oysters, Barramundi fish, and dairy mock liver are some of their popular and novel items. With never-ending passion, Mendy is constantly bringing unusual dishes to the kosher world.

For your next business meet or friend reunion book your night at Urbana and you won’t be disappointed.

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