BDE: Mr. Leib Greenberg, z”l, Longtime Cook at Tomer Devorah

BDE: Mr. Leib Greenberg, z”l, Longtime Cook at Tomer Devorah

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Mr. Greenberg, z”l, this past week.

Scores of Tomer Devorah talmidos throughout the decades recall Mr. Greenberg’s dedication and kindness in his work of preparing their meals in their formative school years. He worked in the school kitchen for years alongside his wife, creating meals, and lifelong memories for the young students who looked up to him. 

“He was a Holocaust survivor with the most joyful demeanor, and the softest personality,” recalls one mechanech in the area who would go to visit Mr. Greenberg. 

For many years, he also cooked the Pesach food in the courts of Viznitz—both by the Imrei Chaim, as well as his son Rebbe Mottele of Viznitz-Monsey, a testament to the trust that he earned. 

“He may not have dressed the part, but he was filled with chassidishe varemkeit and bren,” recalled an acquaintance. 

In later years, he was the Boro Park Center, where he was beloved and admired. 

He was niftar this week in his 90’s, following a lifetime of dedication to the mosdos hachinuch of Boro Park and their students.  

Yehi Zichro Baruch. 

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