BDE: Mrs. Beila Schwartz, a”h

BDE: Mrs. Beila Schwartz, a”h

 We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Mrs. Chaya Beila Schwartz of Brazil-Argentina-Boro Park. She was 96 years of age, and a Holocaust survivor.

 She was born to R’ Yisroel Meir and Zissel Kleinman in the town of Chust. She went through the horrors of the Holocaust and experienced many miracles.

 She married R’ Yidel Schwartz from Munkatch, and together they went on to build a Torah family—an endeavor that was not easy, especially in postwar Argentina.

 In the 1990’s, the Schwartz’s came to Boro Park, where they were surrounded by many descendants whom they imbued with the spirit of the old home.

 Mrs. Schwartz was niftar in the early hours of this morning.

The Levaya will take place at 3:00 at Shomrei Hadas and interred in the Munkatcher Chelka in New Jersey.

Watch Live the Levya of Mrs. Beila Schwartz, a”h

 Yehi Zichra Baruch

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