BDE: Mrs. Gittel Knoll, a”h

BDE: Mrs. Gittel Knoll, a”h

BY: Boropark24 staff 

We are saddened to inform you of Mrs. Knoll, a beloved personality in Boro Park. She was a month shy of her 96th birthday. 

Born in a small town Hungarian town called Kemce (pronounced Kemech), she was a young girl when the war broke out. She went through the gehinom of Auschwitz, and lost her entire family there. 

Leizer Meir Grunfeld was a watchmaker even before the war. He had lost his wife and two children, and was working with his brother-in-law, who suggested his cousin as a shidduch. They were married in Hungary, and had two children. After so much loss, they were finally rebuilding—but with the Communist ascension, they were worried for the future of their son and daughter. 

So they uprooted again, arriving in the United States, and settling in Boro Park. 

They opened Grunfeld’s Jewelers, which was an institution on 13th Avenue for many years.  They were pillars of the Chuster Shul on 53rd street. 

Tragedy struck when her husband was niftar in his fifties. But her emunah only great stronger. She remarried Reb Shlomo Zev Knoll, a prominent Viznitzer chossid, and in characteristic fashion, she too became an ardent chassidiste of the Viznitzer Rebbe of Monsey. In the Boro Park shul, she was a fixture who would come early and lave late from every davening. 

Her chessed to everyone in need was incredible; always thinking about those who needed help. She would spend her entire Shabbos visiting those in need of an uplift, and her words of chizuk and emunah lifted the hearts of everyone she came in contact with. 

Her ever-present smile remained with her until her last days on this earth, when she left behind beautiful generations and an incredible legacy of faith and triumph over adversity. 

Yehi zichra baruch 

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