BDE: Mrs. Miriam Stern, a”h.

BDE: Mrs. Miriam Stern, a”h.

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We regret to inform you of the petirah of Mrs. Miriam Stern, a”h, a Holocaust survivor and matriarch of a prominent family. She was 98 years of age, and carried herself with emunah and joy for all her years. 

The nifteres was the daughter of Reb Yitzchok Schwartz, and grew up in a small Hungarian hamlet, on the principles of emunah peshutah and dedication to Yiddishkeit. The travails of her life would not shake these strong foundations. 

She went through the horrors of the war in the concentration camps, and married Reb Hershel Stern following the war in Hungary. 

They settled in Boro Park, where they went on to raise an exceptional family. They davened in Sighet, Satmar, and by Rav Yechezkel Roth in Karlsburg.  

A neighbor who would frequently visit Mrs. Stern recalls “an old-time matriarch, like we don’t find today anymore—always filled with emunah and joy. Her children were constantly at her side, dedicated to her with every fiber of their being. 

The Levaya will take place at 11:00 this morning at the home of the nifteres, 1434 58th Street. 

Yehi zichra baruch. 

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