BDE: R’ Yeshaya Friedman, z”l, Longtime Dedicated Gabbai of Rachmastrivka Rebbe

BDE: R’ Yeshaya Friedman, z”l, Longtime Dedicated Gabbai of Rachmastrivka Rebbe

By: YS Gold 

We regret to inform you of the passing of Reb Shaya Friedman z"l, the longtime gabbai of, yblch"t, the Rachmistrivka Rebbe, Shlit"a. He was 73 at age, and passed away today morning after suffering from illness the last few years.

The niftar was at the Rebbe's side from the very beginning when the Rebbe moved to Boro Park and established the Rachmistrivka Kehila. His duties included taking care of the Rebbe’s needs, arranging the food that was served to the Rebbe, especially for the tishcen, but his dedication went far beyond that.

His eminas chachomim and bittul to the Rebbe served as an example to generations of chassidim: from the first day at his post until his last, he was a dedicated servant—investing his work with energy and simchas Hachaim. He saw his work as a sacred calling and a tremendous zechiya.

He also worked as a mashgiach kashrus, work in which he was likewise admired for his care and concern that it should be done the right way. 

He was known for his ahavas Yisroel and his eidel demeanor. He always had an open ear to all, and was beloved and admired by all Chasidim.

In the last years, he suffered from illness but continued serving the Rebbe to his utmost. Last night his only son, Lazer, concluded Sheva Brachos for his child, and Reb Shaya passed away this morning.

The Levaye will be 2:30 at the Rachmistrivka Bhm"d 1164 45th St, and will then proceed to New Square where he will be brought to Kevura in the Skver Beis Hachaim.

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