BDE: R’ Yeshaya Spitz, z”l, 103, Holocaust Survivor

BDE: R’ Yeshaya Spitz, z”l, 103, Holocaust Survivor

by YS Gold 

We are saddened to inform you of the petirah of R’ Yeshaya Spitz, a longtime Boro Park resident who came here to rebuild his home following the Churban that annihilated the world that he knew. He was 103, and was known for his emes and emunah peshutah that he espoused for all his days. 

R’ Yeshaya was born in the Hungarian town of Beregsazs in the year 1920. His father was R’ Shulem Yehuda, a chossid of Munkatch and Satmer. He came to know many tzaddikim of the prewar world of Torah and chassidus, including two children of the Sanzer Ruv zy"u. 

Following the horrors of the war, in which he lost most of his family, he passed through Brazil where he spent some years and finally came to Boro Park, where he settled on 56th Street. 

He began to make his way into the business world where he saw success, still, he never forgot where parnassah comes from. When he heard about two brothers who wished to open a similar business to his, he called them and offered to have them spend time in his shop before opening their own. “This is a complex business, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose a lot of money,” he said. “Come to me, and I will show you the ropes.” Asked how he can give the competition the secrets of the trade, he replied: “Parnassah comes from Above, and no one takes what is meant for another.”

The family explains that this emes and emunah was a thread that spanned his entire life—from his time in the camps until his last days on earth, espousing it constantly to the beautiful Torah family that he and his wife established.  

The levaya will take place in front of the Spinka Beis Medrah on 56th Street at 10:45. Kevurah will be in Kiryas Yoel. 

About fifteen years ago, he showed his children the tallis in which he wished to be buried in—the tallis that went with him through the geihinom of Bergen Belsen. As he makes his way to the World of Truth, wrapped in this very tallis, it will surely invoke the tremendous zechusim that he amassed in his rebuilding from the Churban with such fortitude and dedication. 

Yehi zichro baruch. 

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