BDE: Rav Nosson Goldberg, zt"l, Rov of Cong. Avrohom Utzvi Hirsh

BDE: Rav Nosson Goldberg, zt"l, Rov of Cong. Avrohom Utzvi Hirsh

By: Boropark24 Staff 

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Rav Nosson Goldberg, zt"l, a longtime Kashrus administrator for the OU, a respected talmid chochom, and the Rov of Cong. Avrohom Utzvi Hirsh, known as "New Lots Shul."

Rav Goldberg was known as a tremendous lamdan who learned under Rav Aaron and Rav Shneur Kotler in Lakewood, and Rav Leib Malin in Beis Hatalmud. His Roshei Yeshiva marveled at his lomdus, and his ablility to break down a sugya to its finest points. 

While he was measured and methodical when it came to learning, he had no tolerance for bad middos bein odom lachaveiro, and if something needed to be said, he did not shy away from it. 

His children described him as not only their father, but their Rov whom they could turn to with any she'eilah. Neighbors describe his table which was always piled high with seforim. In addition to his learning, he was also a respected kashrus authority within the OU, where he worked for many years. Additionally, he served as the marah d'asrah of the Avrohom Utzvi Hirsch, located on the corner of 16th Avenue and 44th Street.

The levaya drew a large crowd, with numerous roshei yeshiva and rabbonim among them. The niftar was eulogized by his children and prominent Roshei Yeshiva who gave a kavod acharon to a giant talmid chochom who lived his life with humility in the Boro Park community.

Yehi zichro baruch

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