BDE: Rav Yaakov Leifer, zt”l

BDE: Rav Yaakov Leifer, zt”l

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We regret to inform you of the petirah of Rav Yaakov Leifer, a scion of the venerated Nadvorna dynasty. He was 75 years of age, and had resided in Boro Park for many years. 

The niftar was the son of Rav Yisochor Ber Leifer, the Rebbe of Zilin-Nadvorna, and he was the brother of, ybl”ch, the Admorim of Nadvorna in Boro Park and Stamford Hill. 

In recent years, the niftar moved to Jackson, New Jersey, where he was a mispalel at Country Place and Lev Avos. 

Wherever he went, he was known for his ehrlichkeit and his ever-present smile, and he leaves behind beautiful generations. 

The Levaya will take place at the Nadvorna Beis Medrash on 53rd Street at 11:00 this morning. 

Yehi zichro baruch. 

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