BDE: Reb Moshe Reinitz, z”l

It is with deep sadness that Boropark24 informs you of the passing of Reb Moshe Usher Anshil, Reinitz, zichrono livrachah, at the untimely age of 61. 

The niftar grew up in Flatbush and learned in Yeshiva Ch’san Sofer. He was named for his ancestor, the Menuchas Osher of Tchenger. A number of years ago, he moved to Boro Park, in the Tenth Avenue area, to care for his wife who unfortunately needed to spend time in the nearby Maimonides Hospital. 

He became a beloved part of the Satmar Beis Medrash on 10th Avenue. 

The heartbroken mispalelim recall a Yid who “was hidden in plain sight. Those who knew, knew,” recalls Heshy Rosner. 

A talmid chochom who would deliver shiurim in numerous batei midrashim around Boro Park and Flatbush, Reb Moshe was the epitome of kabbolas yisurim b’ahavah—enduring many yisurim in his life, and never uttering the slightest complaint. 

“He would always be making siyumim and participating in shiurei Torah in the Satmar shul,” recalled another misplalel. “His entire life was Torah, and it seemed that the more he suffered, the more he embraced the Torah. If someone tried to interrupt him in middle of learning, it was as if he was not even there,” he recalled.  

He would regularly assume duties in the shul, unpaid, because he always looked to help anyone wherever he could. 

Reb Moshe passed away this morning after a short illness, going up to Shomayim with a legacy of Torah and ma’asim tovim—despite incredible challenges.

The levaya will take place in Shomrei Hadas at 11:00.

Yehi Zichro Baruch

Watch Live the levaya of Reb Moshe Reinitz, z”l


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