Belzer Rebbe Encourages Covid Vaccines for Brooklyn Mosdos Faculty

Belzer Rebbe Encourages Covid Vaccines for Brooklyn Mosdos Faculty

The Belzer institutions in Boro Park—under the leadership and guidance of the Rebbe shlit”a—are currently putting the finishing touches on an enormous building on 37th Street to house the Talmud Torah. They are scheduled to move in to the massive space in the coming months, following years of being dispersed in various locations throughout Boro Park.

In advance of this, and in reponse to certain budgetary queries that were put before the Rebbe, the gabbai, Rav Eliezer Vind wrote to the administration communicating the Rebbe’s brochos for success in all these undertakings, and to indeed enter the new Talmud Torah building with siyatta DiShmaya.

He then added: “In the matter of vaccinations against Corona, indeed, it is proper for all staff members to be vaccinated—the men as well as the women, and may it be with great hatzlacha.”

This instruction to comply comes amid the firestorm of government mandates for vaccination of all school personnel in the city, and pushback from many quarters against what they see as an unconstitutional overreach into the workings of private mosdos.

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