Bishtiner Rebbe of Petach Tikvah to Spend Shabbos Here

Bishtiner Rebbe of Petach Tikvah to Spend Shabbos Here

Bushtyno is a town in western Ukraine, once Romania, where the holy Rebbe Mordchele of Nadvorna led his chassidus, and where his son Rav Issumer Leifer of Nadvorna continued his legacy.

These holy scions of the Nadvorna and Presmishlan dynasties infused warmth for Yiddishkeit into the Yidden of their times. Their descendant, the current Bishtiner Rebbe Petach Tikvah, has channeled these qualities in our generation.

Rebbe Yisachar Ber Leifer, shlit”a, is a son of Rav Issumer, who survived the Holocaust, and settled in Brooklyn, refusing to accept the mantle of leadership, despite the strong demand. In his youth, he gravitated to chassidus Chabad, and incorporates its influences into his avodah, and into his inspiration of the many who throng to him.

In the Rebbe’s Beis Medrash, one can find religious and non-religious Jews, struggling bachurim in need of love and acceptance, and Yidden from every stripe. They attend the Rebbe’s farbrengen’s, emerging soothed, strengthened, and elevated.

This Bishtina Rebbe will spend this Shabbos at the Viener hall on 50th Street, reuniting with many talmidim from throughout the years, providing strength and fortitude for the months ahead. 

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