BONUS! Junior Chef: Lag B'Omer Matchless Fiery Treats

BONUS! Junior Chef: Lag B'Omer Matchless Fiery Treats

What kid doesn't love Lag B'Omer? And this year, they'll love it even more with our Junior Chef Bonus Lag B'Omer Matchless Fiery Treats, a recipe created to add fuel to the fire on Lag B'Omer. 

Enjoy with a bren!

You will need:

Thin pretzel sticks 


Red baking chocolate 

Orange baking chocolate 

Red, sugar crystals 


Step-by-step Instructions:

Step #1: Start by melting, your red and orange chocolate separately 

Step #2: Insert a stick in each of your marshmallows 

Step #3: Dip, your pretzel sticks into the red melted chocolate only to cover the tip . Set aside.

Step #4: Dip your marshmallow sticks into the orange melted chocolate covering half the marshmallow and then right away dip it into the red sugar crystals converting only the top, set aside until chocolate is hardened.

Eat and enjoy! 

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