Boro Park Askan Yonosan Schwartz Organizes Wedding for Ger and Geyores

Boro Park Askan Yonosan Schwartz Organizes Wedding for Ger and Geyores

By Yehudit Garmaise

Mi Kamcha Yisroel. 

On Wednesday night, 5-600 guests from Monsey, New Square, and the surrounding areas rushed to Pupa Hall in Monsey to donate money, give wedding gifts, and celebrate b’simcha with a chasson and a kallah who are both geirum.

The chasson, Reuvain Yitzchak Teller, who has been Jewish since age 16, is such a talmid chochom, that Yonosan Schwartz, who arranged the chasana, said everyone who spoke with the ba’al simcha was “amazed at his level of learning” and "knows all of Shas."

Although neither the kallah, Leah Shprintza Overg, of Sweden, who has been blind since birth, nor the chasson had any blood relatives present at their chassana, Hashem made it clear to everyone that the couple was among family.

Schwartz and his wife, who had been asked to walk the chasson and kallah down the aisle, were stunned when they heard the name of the bride. 

“Shprintza was the name of my wife’s mother, a’h, whose mother was named Leah, said Schwartz.

"That’s when my wife became even more emotionally attached and excited about the wedding. “But the real highlight of this wedding was that hundreds of people who had absolutely no idea who this chasson and kallah are came to welcome them to the Jewish nation. 

“The wedding guests just came to participate because they had big hearts. Zalman Shnitzler and his band played for the evening without charge, and the hall provided the space at cost.

“After I just posted the invitation on WhatsApp, people started sending $18, $20, $25, $50, $100, and more, to pay for the wedding, furniture, sheets, towels, and clothing.

“They got married like a kind and a queen. We married them off beautifully.”

Schwartz walked Teller down the aisle with Yehoshua Brach, who along with his wife, has been hosting the chasson for Shabbos for the last 16 years.

Just 10 days ago, the Zlotshever Rebbe in Monsey, a tzaddik who is well-known for hosting many people every night and helping them to attain emotional, physical, and spiritual health in many ways, called Schwartz and told him simply, “I know a ger and a geyores who will be married next Wednesday, I need $25,000 for that, and I hope you can put it together.”

Springing into action, Schwartz invited the community by posting the invitation on his WhatsApp status and he also wrote that because the chasson and kallah are gerim, “Avrohom Avinu and Sarah Imenu will also be attending because they are the parents,” he said.

“I said, ‘Come, let’s dance with Avrohom Avinu and Sarah Imanu, who will be here together, even though we won’t see them.

“That warmed everyone up,” Schwartz said with a laugh. “Also, 36 times in the Torah is mentioned to love a ger, give to a ger, and it is a very special thing.”

Wednesday night’s beautiful and joyous chasana was not the first time Schwartz inspired hundreds of Jews to dig deep into their hearts and pockets.

On 3 Iyar, the yahrzeit of Rav Shayala, Schwartz went viral on Twitter when started “davening by the nosh” at Goldberg’s Freshmarket at 5025 18th Ave after he donated $500 to someone’s account. 

Schwartz told BoroPark24 that he started to daven because he felt that the inspiration of Rav Shayala was in Goldberg’s with him, and he wanted to ask others to donate money to feed people, just as Rav Shayala did every day of his life,” said the askan.

“The clip went viral like crazy, and after people started calling in and donating money to people who have a hard time paying their grocery bills: a few hundred thousand dollars came in that day,” said Schwartz who said he was also very happy to help to make the Tellers’ wedding.

“The Zlotshever Rebbe got me involved, and BH, I had the zchus to do it, and now let’s bless the chasson and kallah that they have a wonderful, wonderful life together.”

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