Boro Park Askonim: ‘Our Community Must Get out and Vote’

Boro Park Askonim: ‘Our Community Must Get out and Vote’

By: Boropark24 staff

A crucial meeting took place Wednesday evening for representatives from nearly every kehillah in Boro Park at the Beis Esther hall.

They came from different communities who may have differed in their preference of candidate in the coming election—but there was complete agreement in the hall: “More important than who we vote for is that we vote,” said R’ Berl Lefkowitz, an askan from the Satmar Kehillah, echoing the various addresses given that evening.

The aim of the meeting was for gabo’im of Shuls, and representatives of mosdos, to take the message further, to the fathers and mothers of our community.

Speakers included R’ Chaim Meir Markowitz, R’ Moshe Shmiel Melamed, R’ Yoel Rosenfeld, and R’ Berl Lefkowitz, all prominent Boro Park askonim.

They each emphasized the fact that when elected officials see data that we are a voting community—whether we voted for them in the last election or not—they paid attention to us.

One attendee told Boropark24, “we regularly make crowd-funding campaigns to support our children’s yeshivos. Parents should be calling friends and relatives to remind them to vote. It’s crucial to the existence of our mosdos as we know them.”

“The fact that anti-Semitic incidents have been ignored, and we have been treated terribly with regard to the chinuch issue, can be directly traced to our poor voting numbers,” said one askan who attended the meeting. “If we don’t vote, we’re not important to.

Photos by: Issac Y.

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