Boro Park Cameraman Exposes the ‘Fake News’ that the Community is not Wearing Masks

By Yehudit Garmaise

A cameraman widens his lens to passersby on 13th Ave. the 45th St. to point out the many Boro Parkers wearing masks that are, unfortunately, not appearing in the mainstream media.

  “This is called ‘fake news,’” the cameraman says, as he captures many Boro Park residents who are wearing masks, while mainstream news outlets focus their cameras on the random people who are not wearing masks.

   “Whenever a guy passes by without a mask, we then see this [other] cameraman focusing right on him,” says the Boro Park cameraman, who then tells the cameraman of a mainstream news outlet, “I am watching you. Most people are wearing [masks,] but you will focus on the four people who are not wearing [masks.]

    “[Your documentation of our community] is so fake,” says the Boro Park cameraman. “People should see the other side of it.”

   When a group of Yidden walk by, the cameraman narrates, “Here we go: he will find the two people without masks, and record them.”

   When the cameraman of the mainstream media argues with the Boro Park cameraman, Boro Park’s defender says, “I have a report as well. Freedom of speech is for everyone, right? We don’t like it when people come to our neighborhood and lie.”

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