Boro Park Prepares for Numerous Lag Ba’Omer Bonfires around Town

Boro Park Prepares for Numerous Lag Ba’Omer Bonfires around Town

By: Boropark24 Staff 

In preparation for the hillula on Lag Ba’Omer, which falls Wednesday night into Thursday, Community Board 12 has—following careful liaising with the community and government agencies— released a list of permitted bonfires that will bring the joy and the fervor of Rashbi to the streets of Boro Park. 

Thirty-seven locations have been approved by Community Board 12, at shuls in almost every section of Boro Park. 

“Anybody that is not on the list is unauthorized and will be shut down by NYPD & FDNY. Since we are still getting calls today, anybody that wants to do one next year should reach out to the Community Board right after Pesach.”

Barry Spitzer, District Manager for Community Board 12, explained to Borpark24 the process of setting up the various sites: We sit with the Fire Department and the Police Department and plan this in detail. We have a list of people who are in charge at every site and their contact information. All the emergency responders are briefed by us so they can strategically place their resources around the district due to all the street closures. 

A poster produced by CB-12 also shows which streets will be closed for the duration of the fire, so drivers will know to avoid those streets.

Spitzer expressed his gratitude to those responsible for the success of these events: "I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the NYPD and FDNY for their cooperation in devoting many resources and time to this special celebration that is enjoyed by many of our residents in Boro Park. It is only with their help that our community can continue to celebrate this holiday safely and joyously each year. I would also like to thank Boro Park Shomrim for their additional support in making sure that all the sites are safe."

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