Boro Park Shmira Puts end to Slew of Burglaries of High-end Auto Parts

Boro Park Shmira Puts end to Slew of Burglaries of High-end Auto Parts

By: Yehuda Alter

After receiving multiple complaints, the last few weeks for catalytic converters (a vehicles’ exhaust emission control device) being stolen from cars around the neighborhood, Boro Park Shmira increased the number of volunteers assigned to their night shift patrol—a move that paid off on Thursday and Monday nights, when Shmira was right there to catch the burglars, in the act of stealing auto parts. 

On Thursday evening at about 3:30am, Shmira patrol members noticed a suspicious white BMW in the 13th Avenue area. After keeping a sharp eye for several minutes, they witnessed the 3 occupants of the car in the act, and immediately alerted NYPD.  As the officers arrived on scene the suspects tried to flee in their car when NYPD officers successfully detained them with guns drawn.

The suspects were hit with a total of 21 criminal charges.

An eerily similar incident played out last night on just a few blocks over, on 47th Street and 43rd Street. A Shmira hotline caller noticed a black SUV driving suspiciously, and Shmira was on the scene in moments. They alerted NYPD and followed the vehicle. They observed two burglaries in action and followed the perps until New Utrecht Avenue and 51st Street, where NYPD arrested them, again with guns drawn.

A Shmira spokesman told Boropark24 that the perpetrators are definitely not the same individuals from the Thursday night robberies, but it remains unclear whether they are connected with one another.

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