Boro Park Snapshot: Custom Shirts by J. Morris

Boro Park Snapshot: Custom Shirts by J. Morris

Custom Shirts by J. Morris is located at 4304 13th avenue. Moshe Yossel Guttman, owner, opened the store 16 years ago. Prior to selling shirts, he was in the knitting business manufacturing for big department stores. He was partners with Ben Barber for 8 years but they split up and went their separate ways. Ben Barber went into the linen business and Mr. Guttman started selling shirts.

Mr. Guttman works with J. Morris, a Manhattan based designer. His line is for people who are looking for a shirt with a perfectly tailored fit. You can choose from a variety of top-quality fabrics from around the world. You can also choose from a selection of ready-made shirts designed with the same luxuries.

His shirts are produced in a factory on Flatlands Avenue and overseas in Turkey.

“My clientele consists of many of the elite who appreciate quality when they see it.” Says Mr. Guttman to Heshy Rubinstein of He says 25% of his customers are from Boro Park. The rest come from Flatbush, the Five towns. He even has out of state customers from Chicago and New Jersey. 

You can shop their collection online and buy ready-made and custom shirts. On the website you can measure yourself for Mr. Goodman to customize something for you without even walking into the store. 

Besides fabric choices there are different styles you can pick from. There are slim fit, medium fit and large fit body options.

You can also walk in and buy from a gorgeous selection of cuff-links and ties.

You can buy nice pants for chasidishe chasanim. 

Mr. Guttman has visited many factories and experts to attain top knowledge and experience to properly take measurements so you can walk in and have them professionally taken.

As soon as you walk into the store you know it is high end. You notice the quality of the products at first glance.

 Before Pesach and Rosh Hashana Mr. Guttman  is very busy. During the summer months also. 

“People always ask me what I’m doing in July and August. My father asks me if I sit and say Tehllim. But men are home and a lot of men come in and enjoy shopping on their own.”

During the height of the coronavirus the store was closed for three weeks. There were still a lot of orders that came in and were just picked up Shavous time.

Mr. Guttman says someone who buys his shirts once will always come back. You may pay a little more, but he says every time you put it on you enjoy it. The first time it may be hard to spend the extra money but after purchasing it, there is no going back.

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