Boro Park Snapshot: Fallsburg Bagels

Boro Park Snapshot: Fallsburg Bagels

 The first bagel, legend has it, was presented to a special Jewish woman from Krakow in the 1600s who had just given birth. Since then, any way you slice it, bagels have been a staple on Jewish tables. Whether you do cream cheese and lox, sable and poppy, toasted or chewy, the bagel has stood as the most famous Jewish food in the world.

In Boro Park, bagels mean 16th Ave. — 4602 16th Ave., to be exact. That’s where Fallsburg Bagels does a brisk business feeding the early morning crowd of those rushing to work, the late morning leisurely brunchers, the early lunchers and the late snackers. Fallsburg Bagels, with the friendly Shloimy Fisch standing behind the counter, has something for you.

“I love it here,” Mr. Fisch, the store’s manager, told’s Heshy Rubinstein in an interview. “I like the place, I like the customers, I like the people who work here.”

The store was originally opened — in where else but Fallsburg? — by the famous chef Yochi Klitnick. It gained a reputation as the place to go in the mountains if you want to get a good bagel.

Why, Klitnick began wondering eleven years ago, should city dwellers miss out on the great crunch and chewy taste the rest of the year? That’s when he decided to open his bagels on 16 Ave. He sold it a few years back to Yitzchok Perlstein, the current owner.

Fallsburg Bagels goes the whole nine yards. And like that early bagel 400 years ago, it also has a special something for a kimpaturen.

It sells breakfast and lunch and everything a Boro Parker could need in between. It specializes in chasan/kallah breakfasts and gift packages for kimpaturens. It has all types of sandwiches, a variety specialty coffees and specialty juices.

The chasan/kallah breakfasts in particular are very popular, Mr. Fisch said.

“It comes nicely wrapped,” he said, “and is delivered to their house the morning after the chasuna.”

They are currently in the process of working out a self-serve counter for even quicker shopping. “You should be able to come in and out,” he said.

How does the store stand out the most? Their friendly assistance, and quick and easy service, said the manager.

“I try to treat every customer nicely, make sure they don’t have to wait on line, give them a quick checkout. I try that when a customer walks out of here they should be completely satisfied.”

And satisfy their hunger, of course.

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