Boro Park Snapshot: Farkas Judaica

Boro Park Snapshot: Farkas Judaica

In 1950 Reb Nessanel Farkas Z”L opened Farkas Judaica on the Lower East Side. Now, four generations later, the business is run by his son, grandson and great grandson in four locations including Williamsburg, Monsey, Monroe and Boro Park.

The Boro Park store is located at 4529 16th avenue and is managed by Yanki Fisch, who works alongside three other people.

This store is a one stop shop for chasanim. They have top quality kitlach, talleisim, talis kutins, batlach, challah decklach, siddurim and more.

They also clean talleisim and custom made one of a kind gold and silver talis atarahs.

“A man once came into the store with a 150 year old talis from his great grandfather that was dirty and had a broken atarah. He wanted it fixed and cleaned and we did just that. We made it look brand new.” Mr. Fisch said to Heshy Rubinstein of

Farkas Judaica specializes in customer care. They are here for you.

Yanki says there was once a man that came into the store to buy a few things for his son, “it was very difficult for him to cover the cost, so we worked with him to help him buy what he needed. We are here for our customers, not to rip anybody off.”

Farkas Judaica is here for you, the customers, that is their prime focus. When a customer walks in, they receive personal attention. No one will push you to buy unnecessary things. They don’t want someone to rack up a huge bill and then be unable to pay. Their goal is to service you with what you need and give you top quality in that department.

They have options from the most inexpensive to top of the line. Whatever price range you are willing to spend, they have you covered.

“A middle-aged man walked into the store to have his fathers talis cleaned. At the time the virus was plaguing Boro Park, the man’s father was on a respirator and needed the talis cleaned immediately. He was worried his father would not make it. We were very backed up but we managed to get it back to him immediately. We knew he needed it done and we made it happen. B”H in the end his father made a full recovery.” Said Yanki, “At the time we were busy because the Chevra Kadisha needed a lot of talleisim cleaned.”

During the COVID-19 lockdown the store was open and busy. “Even during Corona, people are still getting married. Chasanim need their things.”  Yanki said.

Farkas Judaica was available for the people because the people still needed them.

Their outstanding customer care is what brings people running back.

Yanki's message to Boro Park is “Everything Hashem does is good and if you want the best customer service and top quality come to Farkas.”

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