Boro Park Snapshot: Weber’s Butcher

Boro Park Snapshot: Weber’s Butcher

Chaim Weber lived in Romania until he got married and moved to Boro Park. He became an eidim by Reb Yosef Tzinner Z”L, a very involved and respected askin who helped build Pupa in the U.S. after the war. His first job after arriving to the states was at the Pupa butcher in Williamsburg, owned by Reb Arye Greenwald Z”L

Eventually Mr. Weber went out on his own and opened a butcher store at 1501 Coney Island Avenue. He was there for a few years and then moved to 55th street and Fort Hamilton Pkwy. His current location is 5114 12th avenue.

Weber’s is a trusted brand; Mr. Weber’s meats are certified by the top hechsherim. Many rosh yeshivahs buy only from him because they have so much confidence in his knowledge in kashrus. The reason Mr. Weber is so well rounded in these halachos is because when he worked at the Pupa Butcher store in Williamsburg he was the one that would visit the Pupa Rebbe Z”L, every time there was a sheila. He was constantly back and forth between the butcher and the Rebbe, learning firsthand of the intricate details pertaining to kashrus.

Mr. Weber is the meat maven. When you buy from him you are guaranteed a top-quality product. He knows his stuff.

“A non-Jewish man once walked into my store and asked me why kosher meat is so expensive. I told him to give mine a try. I gave it to him for a good price, bikitzer, he came back to tell me he never ate such a good piece of meat in his life.” Mr. Weber told Heshy Rubinstein of

Weber’s is also a takeout store.

You can buy all kinds of delicious Shabbos food like Cholent and kishka and potato kugel. There is schnitzel and sesame chicken and heavenly pastrami and jerky and so many more options including a huge selection of side dishes.

“Many people come in to make their Shabbos meat orders and at the same time buy a delicious dinner for their family.” Said Usher Zeilig, Mr. Weber’s son, “it is both convenient and delicious.”

While you are out shopping for Shabbos, Weber’s location makes it so easy to get everything you need without having to make a hundred stops. On the same block there is a fish store, a grocery store, a chocolate nut store and a heavenly bakery. I mean really what more do you need?

What really sets Weber’s apart though, is that they also cater.

At first Mr. Weber started off with only a butchering business but then he realized that people would love to have their butcher do catering as well. It’s a two in one deal, who doesn’t love that.

He said he once had a customer who made a huge meat order, “I told him I was a butcher and caterer, he loved my meat and he came back to have me supply and cater his next event. People just love that I do both.”

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