Boro Park Snapshot: Weber’s Grocery Store

Boro Park Snapshot: Weber’s Grocery Store

Very few things are constant in our lives especially these days. It’s comforting to know that Weber’s grocery, that is around for 40 years is still serving the community. 

It is a familiar environment; things are run perfectly as only a place with that many years’ experience can. The shelves are always stocked with the freshest and highest quality products. You can trust that after all these years they have customer service down to an art. The busy magazine stand in front of the store has created such an appealing ambiance pulling any excited reader over.

Mr. Weber, the store owner, is the friendliest guy you will ever meet. His cheerful attitude is sure to put a smile on your face every time you walk in. There is such nostalgia when walking in and being greeted by a familiar face. It makes the frustrating experience of picking up a dozen eggs, after you have already combined the ingredients for the cake you plan on baking, a much better one.

“I can name you the next ten customers that will walk through my doors,” Mr. weber boasts “I know this entire neighborhood.”

All this along with the prime location of 5525 13th avenue, brings customers in and out of the store all day.

Although the store has been around for a while, the building has been around for even longer. 

Mr. Werczberger owned a commissions bakery for many years on the corner of 13th avenue and 55th street, today home to Moshke’s liquor store. He sold the bakery to Mr. Weber, who then bought the store at 5525 13th avenue, that prior to the grocery was a fruit store called Jerry’s. Eventually Mr. Weber turned the spot into the famous grocery that it is today. 

Mr. weber has another location upstate in the Catskills. His grocery store is located in the Cutlers bungalow colony making it so convenient for his customers that are there.

Of course, like so many business, Mr. Weber’s grocery store suffered. “People are still making orders, but their more conscious.” Says Mr. Weber “There were less people walking the street so there were less people walking into my store. But b”h we are coming out of this.”

Mr. Weber’s grocery is one of those stores you continue to visit because of its old time charm.

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