BREAKING: Largest Communities in Boro Park Endorse Lee Zeldin for Governor

BREAKING: Largest Communities in Boro Park Endorse Lee Zeldin for Governor

By: Boropark24 Staff

Just moments ago, a major announcement was issued by the communities of Belz, Bobov, Satmar (Williamsburg), and Bobov-45 with an emphatic endorsement of Lee Zeldin, the Republican Candidate for Governor.

If Lee Zeldin pulls out a victory in one week from today, it will likely be due to the support of these communities—support that he has courted throughout his campaign, especially in the last weeks of the campaign.

During his frequent visits to the orthodox communities up and down New York State, Zeldin has vocally defended and supported parents’ rights to educate their children in the way that they see fit, free from government intrusion. For the vast majority of Orthodox parents, the issue of chinuch—under fierce attack by outside groups, by the State Education Department, and by the media in these very days—is far and away the most important issue.

It is expected that a number of other communities within the orthodox Jewish community of Boro Park will rally in support of Zeldin following this major endorsement for the very reason that he is an unabashed defender of yeshivos and parents’ educational rights.

Earlier today, the Hochul campaign released a letter in which she promises to continue to protect our community from Anti-Semitism, and expresses understanding of how important education is to our community. This letter may be an attempt to woo the Orthodox bloc, which may just determine the outcome of this election one week from today.

This most recent endorsement by orthodox communities comes on the heels of a strong endorsement by the Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition, and Crown Heights community leaders who have announced their support for Zeldin for governor.

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