Breaking: New Districting Opens Seat in Congressional Race for Boro Park's District 10

Breaking: New Districting Opens Seat in Congressional Race for Boro Park's District 10

By Yehudit Garmaise

The door to the House of Representatives’ seat for Boro Park’s 10th District just swung wide open after the latest draft of New York’s congressional maps moved US Rep. Jerry Nadler to the 12th District after serving the 10th since 2013.

Although Nadler feels the new lines may not keep the interests of communities in one district, as the state constitution requires, he seems happy to represent District 12, if elected.

“I believe these newly proposed lines by the Special Master [Jonathan Cervas, a judge-appointed redistricting expert] violate the New York state constitutional requirements of keeping communities of interest together and keeping the cores of existing districts largely intact,” tweeted Rep. Nadler, before adding that that he “very much looked forward to running in and representing the people of the newly created 12th District of New York.”

While NY State Sen. Brad Hoylman (D) just tweeted that he is seriously thinking of running in the 10th District to promote “progressive values,” he is likely not the only contender considering running for the coveted seat.

No matter who runs, Boro Park’s voters could help to determine who ends up in the open seat representing them in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“It’s official,” tweeted David Schwartz, the first vice-chair to the Brooklyn Democratic County Committee, who is also running for Democratic District Leader of the 48th Assembly District against Pinny Ringel, who served as an aid to the former Mayor Bill de Blasio. “Orthodox Jews are going to make a huge difference in the Democratic primary for NY10’s congressional seat.”

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