Two Bucherim Missing After Hiking at Neversink Gorge Trails

Two Bucherim are reportedly missing after they went on a hike along with about 100 other Bucherim at the Neversink Gorge Trails in Rock Hill, New.... read more

State Troopers to Increase Speeding Patrols This Weekend

New York - State Police and local law enforcement will be increasing patrols over the next week to crack down on unsafe speeders.Speeding was a.... read more

Driver Loses Control While Parking on 51st Street

Earlier today, a burgundy Lincoln Nautilus driver lost control of his car on a Boro Park block.Camera footage shows the driver pulling into a parking.... read more

BDE: Mrs. Feige Weinstock a"h

Boro Park - We are saddened to inform of the passing of Mrs. Feige Weinstock, a Holocaust survivor who rebuilt her family in the United States, was.... read more

Four Alarm Fire Quickly Spread at 811 Cortelyou and Left No Injuries

A Large fire at 811 Cortelyou Road broke out at approximately 2:23 pm according to Deputy Assistant Chief Joseph Ferrante’s remarks at a press.... read more

National Rifle Association Sued for Corruption

The National Rifle Association (NRA), a gun advocacy organization, is being prosecuted by New York Attorney General Letitia James over their.... read more

Boro Park Snapshot: Centers Urgent Care

Working in an urgent care center, there is never a dull day as patients stream in with injuries and pains.Every night, patients come into Centers.... read more

NYC Primary: More Than 84,000 Mail-In Ballots Disqualified

According to records released by the Board of Elections, over 84,000 New York City Democrat’s mail-in ballots for the presidential primary were.... read more

LIVE EVENT: This Motza Shabbos, a Siyum Right Here on BoroPark24

This coming Motza Shabbos parshas Eikev at 10:30 pm, you can tune in right here on BoroPark24 for a live event and Siyum featuring shiurim, chizuk,.... read more

PHOTOS: Coastal Storm Isaias' Effect on Boro Park (Part 3)

Photos By: Heshy Rubinstein, Lensky Photo, Avrumi Berger, Issac Y.... read more

NYC Goes Three Days with No Coronavirus-Related Deaths

On Tuesday, New York City recorded three consecutive days without any new coronavirus deaths; on Wednesday, there were only two.In a statewide total,.... read more

New Takana Chasuna Halls Open in Boro Park

Following the historic asifa that was held a few months ago regarding a unified standard for Chasuna takanos, two new halls are opening up in Boro.... read more

Clorox Wipes Shortage May Continue into 2021

When coronavirus hit, millions of people scrambled to stores to stock up on sanitizers and disinfectants, but almost immediately, everything sold.... read more

Delaware and Washington D.C., No Longer Under Quarantine List

On Tuesday, August 5, Washington D.C. and Delaware were removed from the list of states and regions with a 14-day quarantine restriction upon.... read more

Many New Yorkers still Left Without Power After Isaias Hits

Tropical storm Isaias seethed through New York, knocking out electricity for the second-highest number of Con Ed customers ever.Tuesday, a total of.... read more

WATCH: Footage from today’s storm that caused a lot of damage in Boro Park

WATCH: Footage from today’s storm that caused a lot of damage in Boro Park. Dozens of trees and branches fell down across the neighborhood.... read more

Cuomo Encourages Census Participation While Not Releasing Outreach Funds

In response to the federal government cutting Census responses a month short, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted today reminding people to.... read more

ConEdison Reports Large Outage Affecting 22,000 Customers

ConEdison is reporting one of its largest outages as a result of the storm, saying over 22,000 customer will be without power until Wednesday 7am.The.... read more