Today in History: Arabs Surrounded Jerusalem after the UN Voted for Israel's Establishement

On this date in 1947, after the UN voted for Israel’s establishment in Palestine, Arabs surrounded Jerusalem and isolated its 100,000 Jews from the.... read more

Today in History: The first Human Heart Transplant in History Performed

By Toby FriedmanFifty-four years ago today, surgeon Christiaan Barnard performed the first-ever human heart transplant in Cape Town, South Africa..... read more

Today in History: Empress Elizabeth Expelled Jews from Russia

On December 1st, 1742, Elizabeth-the-first ordered the expulsion of all Jews in Russia.  Several years before that, Empress Catherine had.... read more

Today in History: The UN Voted for Israel to Become a State

On November 29, 1947, a majority of the United Nations voted on Resolution 181, recommending the establishment of two separate states.... read more

Today in History: John F. Kennedy’s Killer Was Shot

By Toby FriedmanOn November 24, two days after Lee Harvey Oswald killed President John F. Kennedy, Oswald himself was shot in the basement of Dallas.... read more

Today in History: President John F. Kennedy was shot

By Toby FriedmanOn this day, fifty-eight years ago, Americans were shocked by the news that their beloved president, John F. Kennedy was.... read more

Today in History: The Nuremberg Trial Begins

By Toby FriedmanAfter WWII, twenty-four major war criminals were brought to trial. This famous court case, known as the Nuremberg Trials, was not.... read more

Today in History: The Emoira Ravina passes away marking the end of the Talmudic period

By Toby FriedmanMany years ago today, was the day the emoira Ravina passed away. Ravina’s father died when he was young, he was therefore educated.... read more

Today in History: The Germans ym"s seal the borders of the Warsaw Ghetto

By Toby FriedmanLet us take a moment to commemorate what happened today, eighty-one years ago. It was the day the Germans sealed the borders of.... read more

Today in History: A butcher invents a recipe and calls it the frankfurter

By Toby FriedmanDoes your mouth salivate at the thought of a steaming frankfurter topped with mustard? It all goes back to November 13, 1805,.... read more

Today in History: China opens the “Great Wall of China” to tourists

By Toby FriedmanIf you haven’t heard about the Great Wall of China, listen in! This massive wall that surrounds China’s historic northern.... read more

Today in History: An attempt to assassinate Hitler ym’’s goes wrong

By Toby FriedmanA failed attempt to assassinate Hitler took place on today’s date in 1939. On that day, Hitler was delivering his annual speech at.... read more

Today in History: Abraham Lincoln, the president known for abolishing slavery, is elected.

By Toby FriedmanOn this day in 1860 Americans elected the humble yet courageous Abraham Lincoln as their president, an event that outraged the.... read more