COJO Pays Tribute and Honors 33 Police Officer for Extraordinary Service over the Course of the Pandemic

COJO Pays Tribute and Honors 33 Police Officer for Extraordinary Service over the Course of the Pandemic

On March 24, 2022, at the Jewish Community Center located in the Seaview section of Staten Island, the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island, (COJO) honored and publicly demonstrated appreciation and respect to the NYPD by paying tribute to 33 police officers from Patrol Borough Staten Island and the four precents located in Staten Island, Pct. 120, Pct. 121, Pct. 122, and Pct.123. Top police brass such as Chief Charles McEvoy, executive officer, Patrol Borough Staten Island (PBSI);  Inspector Timothy Wilson, commanding officer, Pct. 122, and Inspector Andrey Smirnov, Pct. 123, where joined by family, friends, supporters, clergy, elected officials and community leaders in publicly acknowledging and thanking the NYPD for their heroism over the course of the pandemic. Students from the Jewish Foundation School of Staten Island together with Rabbi Yaakov Wasser and Mrs. Ruth Garber the principals of JFS were assisted with the musical talent of Staten Island Pipes and Drums directed by the legendary choir and music master Matthew Meagher in presenting the colors, conducting the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of the National Anthem. Not a dry face in the room as the children and the pipers harmonized together passionately singing in reverence and respect of the NYPD.      

Elected officials such as District Attorney Michael E. McMahon, Congress Member Nicole Malliotakis, Assembly Member Michael Reilly,  Assembly Member Michael Tannousis, Council Member Kamillah Hanks, who also serves as City Council Chair on Public Safety and Council Member David Carr came with the agenda of demonstrating a public thank you to the NYPD and to join COJO the premier central coordinating and umbrella agency of the Borough’s Jewish community in lauding the NYPD for their heroism especially over the time of covid. 

Chief McEvoy stated, “the NYPD can only be a successful when we have a strong community partnership with esteemed community and civic organizations such as COJO. We thank the JCC for opening up their house and allowing COJO do what it does best and that is uniting Staten Island under a banner of unity and love. It is thanks to COJO’s leadership team, Mendy Mirocznik, president, Scott Maurer, CEO and executive vice-president and Ari Weiss, security chair and coordinator, Staten Island Safety Patrol (Shomrim) and their persistent that we must never give up and work together as a strong community that helped us navigate throughout the darkest moments of the pandemic. This crucial community support and relationship is key and central and this support is helping us establish a strong Borough anchor of support that will be essential as Staten Island moves forward in a healthier transition. On behalf of the NYPD, I thank COJO for its leadership, partnership and friendship and our officers appreciate the recognition they are receiving tonight.”

District Attorney Michael McMahon, acknowledged the importance, “of this medal day ceremony that COJO was so intelligently able to bring together the diverse population residing in Staten Island to give tribute to the NYPD. In my office, we appreciate the constant support from COJO. Whether it is Scott Maurer working as our co-chair of our Hate Task Force or Mendy Mirocznik and Ari Weiss for coordinating community events and food distributions. Whatever the case is, we can always count on COJO to mobilize community support for vital community gatherings and events. Thank you for allowing Staten Island united to appreciate the heroism of our officers. These officers are true heroes in every sense of that tittle. Thank you…” 

Congress Member Nicole Malliotakis enthusiastically declared that, “recognition by COJO of the NYPD sends a strong message that Staten Island truly appreciates the NYPD. COJO’s ability to bring people together and create a strong consensus of police support and honoring its officers is crucial and this important contribution enhances the quality of life for Staten Island.”

Mendy Mirocznik, thanked Scott Maurer for coming up with the idea of honoring the NYPD for the service over the pandemic. And Ari Weiss for coordinating with NYPD and with all the
for this event. “The pandemic presented serious upheavals to the world we once knew. What we appreciated and perhaps took for granted as a normative world was unexpectedly without warning shattered by the silent killer called covid 19. Nearly overnight the world we once knew was turned over and disappeared. Our resilience to overcome, our ability to transition back to a healthier world, our drive to continue did not happen by chance. It is thanks to the NYPD who despite how hot or cold the world or unfairly became to policing is what gave us the fortitude to survive and hopefully now rebound to a healthier reality. During the darkest moments of Covid, it was knowing that the NYPD was out there protecting us. It was having the knowledge that the NYPD is there to partner with us and work with us is what is fueling a positive motivation to have the confidence to continue and rebuild. These 33 officers we honor tonight represent the best of the department who faced an unprecedented pandemic, coupled with the worst rise and spike in crime, senseless police shootings and perhaps one of the worst cold environments in the history of the city towards policing. Yet their passion to be there for the people they serve, their commitment to fight antisemitism, racism, bigotry and to take on the spike in hate crimes was never abated or deterred as they truly are New York’s finest who dare to care. There was no police training or patrol guide to help them navigate covid. Their ability to continue on and help people came from their keen acumen and loving heart….This is just a small token of COJO’s appreciation. Thank you for your heroic service and that is tonight’s message.”

Scott Maurer concluded, “in addition to my duties at COJO, I also proudly serve as co-Chair of District Attorney Michael McMahon’s Hate Crimes Task Force. Tonight, as COJO Backs the Blue, I am proud to say that the NYPD persevered and was undeterred in its passion in keeping Staten Island Safe over the pandemic as well as taking on the challenges presented as antisemitism reared its ugly head over covid. It is important that we as a community recognize the important contributions of the NYPD and we at COJO are accomplishing this by honoring the officers tonight at this important ceremony.”

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