Community Board 12 Pre-Pesach Board Meeting

Community Board 12 Pre-Pesach Board Meeting

By BoroPark24 Staff

The Community Board 12 held its annual pre-Pesach meeting today to discuss city preparations for the upcoming Yom Tov. The annual meeting is coordinated with Hatzalah, Shomrim, Chaverim, and Misaskim.

The agenda included a discussion on how the FDNY and NYPD are collaborating to oversee the fires for be’er chometz, including locations, resources, fire barriers, and times the fires had to be shut down. The NYPD will also be on top of traffic control in the weeks leading up to Pesach as well as on Yom Tov. 

In addition, the Department of Transportation is limiting roadwork permits for utility companies before Pesach to avoid more traffic or road closures. 

Extra garbage pickup was also among the topics covered today, as dumpsters, bulk pickup, and extra pick-up days will be implemented in the next few weeks to supplement the regular garbage pickups. 

On Erev Pesach there will be a sanitation helpline available from 12PM-8PM for service requests if there is garbage that wasn’t picked up. If your garbage wasn’t picked up yet by 12PM on Erev Pesach, call: 718-449-2671.

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