Four-Wheeled Delivery Bikes an Unwelcome Third-Wheel to Many

Four-Wheeled Delivery Bikes an Unwelcome Third-Wheel to Many

by Mindy Cohn

As a Council vote is in the works for the proposed rule, which would permit the use of cargo bikes designed to make deliveries faster and more sustainable, as reported by BoroPark24 here the pushback to the change is building momentum. 

The DOT has hopes that the four-wheeled pedal-assist cargo bikes, which are seven feet wider than the current ones, will be utilized across the five boroughs, thereby reducing the number of delivery trucks on New York City streets. 

Naysayers protests include the fear that the larger bikes will create more traffic congestion. Others insist that bike lanes must be expanded before the four-wheeled pedal-assist cargo bikes hit the roads. Other concerns are that the cargo bikes might get unloaded from the sidewalk, creating issues for pedestrians who already have to contend with outdoor dining structures, composting containers, construction walkways, and more taking up a significant portion of NYC walkways. 

A final council vote is still required to pass the DOT's new endeavor.

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