Gang of Three Steal Several Items around Boro Park

Gang of Three Steal Several Items around Boro Park

Three perpetrators were arrested today by the NYPD, with the help of Shomrim, for stealing a bike, a scooter, and a package. 

A local called Shomrim this afternoon with a report of 3 suspicious-looking males who were roaming on 14th Ave and 37th St. 

When Shomrim arrived at the scene they witnessed the gang stealing a bicycle.

Shomrim secretly followed the group and observed their next theft on 40th St and Ft Hamilton Pkwy, where they stole a scooter.

The perpetrators then continued on and stole a package on 6th Ave and 39th St before NYPD arrived at the scene.

The three men attempted to flee but were all arrested.

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