Gov. Hochul Announces Health Data NY: an Updated, Comprehensive, and Relevant Website

Gov. Hochul Announces Health Data NY: an Updated, Comprehensive, and Relevant Website

     As COVID hospitalization rates are decreasing to levels not seen since the beginning of the pandemic, New York state is providing new types of data about the spread and prevalence of the virus in different communities.

     To provide New Yorkers with the most relevant and up-to-date information on COVID, today, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced a new website: Health Data NY, which is a public database from which New Yorkers can "browse, download, and analyze all COVID-10-related data from the New York State Department of Health, says the website, which will be updated daily.

     Health Data NY, which Gov. Hochul, called “a single landing page for COVID-19 dashboards” has reorganized and clarified previously released data that were on available on different dashboards and panels. 

     For instance, Health Data NY’s homepage now easily links to 16 other key data pages that are organized into five major categories.

     The new website, she said, is easier for the public to access, read, and understand, now includes additional self-reported data not only from hospitals, but from schools, nursing homes, and adult care facilities.

     New York state’s new comprehensive website has replaced the state’s COVID-19 Early Warning Monitoring Dashboard website whose information was used to determine the extent of different community’s health protocols.

     In a press release, Gov. Hochul said that “those regional reopening metrics are no longer relevant.” 

     Instead, New York state’s COVID-19 Testing Dashboard now provides information, such as the number of cases of the virus, per 100,000 residents and detailed hospitalization information: both of issues of which are more pertinent to what is hoped to be the end of the pandemic.

    Thanks to the more than six million residents of New York City who have gotten vaccinated, say the city’s top physicians, the number of New Yorkers who are now hospitalized, getting severely ill, and dying from COVID have plummeted to levels not seen since the beginning of the pandemic.

     For, instance, the NYC website reports that compared with the thousands who were admitted to city hospitals per week during COVID’s peak, in the last week, 36 is the average number of patients per day who have hospitalized with COVID.

     "Providing new data about COVID-19 to the public and making existing data easier to access and understand is yet another step we are taking towards more transparency," Gov. Hochul said. "We will continue to do everything we can to share the latest information with New Yorkers."

(Darren McGee- Office of Formor Governor Andrew M. Cuomo)

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