Governor Kathy Hochul Wishes New Yorkers a Happy Thanksgiving

Governor Kathy Hochul Wishes New Yorkers a Happy Thanksgiving

Gov. Kathy Hochul wished New Yorkers a Happy Thanksgiving, yesterday in a statement.

In this time of reflection and celebration, she said, “we are thankful that 90% of adults in New York have gotten their COVID-19 vaccines, putting us on the path to defeating this pandemic.”

Hochul also expressed gratitude to the first responders and healthcare heroes who are giving up their holiday to keep New Yorkers safe and healthy.

Hochul continued to encourage those New Yorkers who still haven’t been vaccinated to do so quickly, as the increased gatherings of friends and families during the holiday season, can accelerate the spread of COVID. 

Perhaps taking her cue from Mayor Bill de Blasio’s cash incentives in exchange for vaccination, Hochul is incentivizing New Yorkers to get the vaccine by announcing that on December 1, five lucky New Yorkers who get their first shots will have the chance to win lifetime hunting, fishing, and birding licenses and deluxe gear to go with it.

For those who already receive both vaccines, Hochul encourages them to get their booster shots.

I got a booster shot a few weeks ago because my family will be visiting for Thanksgiving,” Gov. Hochul said. “And you know what? It didn’t hurt and I felt fine.” She reassured New Yorkers as people are skeptical of taking any of the COVID-19 related shots.

She also requested people who have been vaccinated and have gotten the booster to reach out to their friends and loved ones and to encourage them to do so, as well.

“Let's continue to take care of ourselves, our neighbors, our communities, and our great state,” Gov. Hochul said. “I hope every New Yorker has a safe, happy, and healthy holiday."

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