Haga’on Rav Dov Landau in Boro Park: “I want to speak to the Slabodka talmidim.”

Haga’on Rav Dov Landau in Boro Park: “I want to speak to the Slabodka talmidim.”

As we have reported, the Slabodka Rosh Yeshiva, Haga’on Rav Dov Landau, shlit”a, is currently in America, his first visit to the United States in a lifetime of non-stop Torah learning. 

The American Torah community has been privileged to see glimpses of what true Torah royalty means, a man who has been humbled by his Torah, whose entire essence is Torah. 

Thus far, the Rosh Yeshiva has visited Beis Medrash Gavo’ah in Lakewood, Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway, and has spent time in Monsey. 

Wednesday, it was Boro Park’s turn. 

The afternoon found the Rosh Yeshiva delivering a shiur at the Novominsker Yeshiva, where he was greeted with great anticipation and awe. 

A few hours later, an event designated for the Slabodka alumni drew close to 1,000 people to the Renaissance Ballroom. 

After delivering a shiur in the sugyah of tosafos shevi’is (the obligation to add days to the shemitah year, in addition to the actual year of shemitah), the Rosh Yeshiva said: “I want to speak to the Slabodka talmidim. Although I came here for the welfare of the Kolel Yungeleit, j want to speak to you. You owe a debt of gratitude to the yeshiva for what it has given you.” 

As he is wont to do, he referred to his cousin ane co-Rosh Yeshiva, Boro-Park-educated Rav Moshe Hilel Hirsch, shlit”a, as ‘der Rosh Yeshiva.’ 

“The Rosh Yeshiva works very hard on the Yeshivas' behalf. You all know what you need to do.” 

It was an evening of renewed ahavas haTorah, bringing hundreds of talmidim back to those days of idealism and saturation with Torah in the glow of this giant of our generation. 

Photos by: Issac Y.

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