Hatzolah Issues Fresh Warning: Don't Make Any Assumptions About Covid

Hatzolah Issues Fresh Warning: Don't Make Any Assumptions About Covid

Boro Park - Hatzolah issued a stark warning to members of the Orthodox community: Keep all guidelines and stop thinking that antibodies can save you.

a memo publicized Tuesday night, Chevra Hatzolah said that with school beginning and the Yomim Noraim looming, it is more important to avoid large gatherings, wear masks and practice social distancing.

"There has been enough death and suffering in our community from Covid-19," the letter warned. "We must do our part to prevent the spread and to help keep the vulnerable people in our community safe."

The letter said that hospitalizations from the virus which had ceased in recent months have begun again, including one person in critical condition.

Hatzolah also dispelled a common misconception that the community had herd immunity or that anyone with antibodies cannot become infected.

"Don't make any assumptions about the virus," Hatzolah said, adding that there are still a lot of unknown. People with antibodies could infect others or even get sick themselves.

"We implore you to remain committed to the safe-practices listed above," it said. "With Hashem's help we will get through this safely as a community."

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