Health Emporium's Advice for Post Chanukah Nutritional Balance and Weight Loss

After partying for eight days we are all looking to find nutritional balance and a way to shed those extra few “Chanukah pounds.” The Health Emporium walks us through the different ways in which we can achieve that the right way. 

First, Binyamin Weiss, the owner of Health Emporium, explains the importance of incorporating all food groups into your diet. Having carbohydrates, proteins, and fibers in every meal ensures that your body will respond to the food in a balanced way. A meal consisting of mainly carbs will cause a spike in your insulin levels resulting in fat storage. 

Exercise plays an important role in weight loss and detoxification as well. In fact, anything that gets you to sweat will help to detox your body. Even sitting in a steam room or sauna is beneficial. 

Talking about detoxification, Binyamin Weiss at Health Emporium guides us through the cleansing juice program he offers at his store. 

“This program is to help restart your digestive system before easing into a balanced diet,” Binyamin explains. Having only nutrient-dense juices for three days is a quick way to flush your system and organs from harmful toxins as well as help you shed those stubborn few pounds. 

The juices range from a wide variety of energy-boosting green juices, filling protein shakes, and anti-inflammatory red juices. Drinking those tasty and refreshing juices throughout the day will also provide you with proper hydration, immune support and so many other amazing benefits. 

Once you ease back into a normal diet it’s recommended to include your favorite foods in moderation. Doing so will help you feel satisfied and enable you to stick to your new way of eating long-term. 

“As people are getting into nutritious eating we advise taking a probiotic and digestive enzyme for smoother and faster digestion,” Binyamin says. “We also offer the diet pill with apple cider vinegar which is known to burn fat and curb your appetite.”

Health emporium is the place in which all your nutritional needs will be met so that you can find your balance once again.

For delivery, you can uber-eats or WhatsApp the Health Emporium at 718 871 0777.

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