Individual Goes on a Crime Spree, Robbing Shul and Homeowners on Dahill Road

Individual Goes on a Crime Spree, Robbing Shul and Homeowners on Dahill Road

BoroPark24 Staff

Video footage taken at about 4:00 p.m. yesterday reveals the long trail of a light-fingered opportunist ready and willing to make the most of every possibility he chances across. 

After a cell phone was stolen from a victim learning in Bnei Torah Sanz on Dahill Road, Shomrim was called to the scene. The volunteers followed through by tracking the perpetrator’s actions finding footage of the thief before, after, and when he pocketed the phone.

Video footage reveals the thief walking out with the coffee he made himself in the shul and luxuriated over while standing near the coat stand and searching for something worth stealing.

Another recording shows him as he enters the lobby of a nearby building, puts his coffee down, and carefully selects multiple packages he deems worth stealing. This makes up for the package there is footage of him attempting to steal from an empty house before he gets to the shul. The recording reveals his disappointment in his selection as that particular box was empty. 

Shomrim is asking for the public’s help identifying the perpetrator after his crime spree. 

Call 718-871-6666 with any information.

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