Junior Chef: Mini Meat Pizza

Junior Chef: Mini Meat Pizza

Sundays are a great day to spend time with your kids. Draw them into the kitchen to create this mini-meat pizza. A snap to make, with results your whole family will enjoy.

You will need:

One pack of turkey slices

One pack of pastrami slices

Duck Sauce

Caesar dressing

Spicy mayo

Mini round pizza dough

Step By Step Instructions:

Step #1:

With a plastic knife, cut the turkey and pastrami slices into small cubes. Make sure there is an adult to supervise.

Step #2:

Poor duck sauce over the turkey and pastrami cubes and mix well.

Step #3:

On parchment paper, lay out all your pizza dough. 

Step #4:

Spread Caesar dressing over the pizza dough and add a heaping tablespoon of the turkey and pastrami mixture to each dough.

Step #5:

Sprinkle Caesar or spicy mayo dressing on top to give it extra flavor.

Step #6:

Have an adult place it in a 350° heated oven for 20 to 25 minutes. When ready, remove and enjoy!

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