Junior Chef: Smiling Sun Snacks

Junior Chef: Smiling Sun Snacks

It might be almost January, but who says your Junior Chef can't still enjoy the sun? Try these Smiling Sun Snacks to sneak a little sunshine into wintertime snacking.  

You will need:

  • Cream cheese 
  • Snackers 
  • Thin Pretzel sticks 
  • Cherry tomato 
  • Cucumber 


  • Step #1: Spread a thin layer of cream cheese on two snackers.
  • Step #2: Break your pretzel stick into small pieces and place them around one snacker before covering it with the other snacker to make a sandwich.
  • Step #3: Cut the top of a cherry tomato off. Cut the larger piece in half and stick it on the cracker with a dab of cream cheese to make the eyes of the sun.
  • Step #4: Cut a thin slice of cucumber and then slice the round in half and with a dab of cream cheese, stick one half onto the cracker to form the sun's mouth.
  • Step #5: Enjoy your Junior Chef snack!

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