Major Breakthrough: Refuah Helpline Opens Brooklyn Headquarters, Joined By Leading Gedolim, Rabanim, And Askanim Of Klal Yisroel

Major Breakthrough: Refuah Helpline Opens Brooklyn Headquarters, Joined By Leading Gedolim, Rabanim, And Askanim Of Klal Yisroel

Including Viznitz Rabbi Yerushalayim, Rabbi Binyomin Landau, Rabbi Hershel Ausch, Rabbi Mechel Steinmetz, Rabbi Zisha Ausch


An uplifting and moving scene unfolded this past Thursday night, Parshas Veara, when a group of respected Gedoli Hador gathered to celebrate an amazing breakthrough- the Chanikas habayis of the headquarters of Reufah Helpline which was now opened in Brooklyn.


Refuah Helpline’s mission is to help every single individual who is undergoing any medical crisis, by providing guidance and support every step of the way.

They are widely known amongst all circles as the organization which serves as a lifeline to Klal Yisroel, one which has over time grown into one of the biggest medical organizations, and one which stands at people’s sides when they get a diagnosis and is there with them throughout the lengthy process.


Over 50 caseworkers dedicate their every breath to the lives of those who need their help- people who find themselves in complicated medical situations.

With time, the headquarters located in Upstate NY, has reached the point where they became overwhelmed by the number of cases they were dealing with, the questions they answered, the referrals they arranged, and the guidance they provided.

And although it gets tiring, overwhelming, and emotionally draining, stopping is not an option. Because Refuah Helpline will never leave a call unanswered.


That is why they saw the need of opening a Brooklyn Headquarters, which finally opened, after investing huge amounts of money, time, work, and effort.


A beautiful new office, fully supplied, will now host a full new Refuah Helpline staff. They are ready, willing, and able to be there for those who need them, offer the right support, guide them, and alleviate some of their burdens. The greater the staff, the greater the number of people being helped. All this comes with much investing.


After monetary aspects have been taken care of, after so much effort and work has been invested, and after so much heart and soul were put into the new office, it was only deemed appropriate to celebrate its opening, joined by Gedolei Harabanim, and a select few Askanim who are involved in Refuah Helpline on a daily basis.


Some of the Gedolei Harabanim and Askanim got up to deliver short speeches of inspiration and expressed how in awe they are over Refuah Helpline’s work, as they are all personally involved.

It was a heartwarming scene, followed by a beautiful Kvias Mezuzah.


With tremendous Chizuk and encouragement, everyone drank a Lchaim, as the Rabanim gave brachos that they should be able to continue doing what they’re doing and that they should be able to continue the holy lifesaving work of helping the Cholei Yisroel who are counting on them. 



This development has only been possible thanks to the ongoing financial help of all of Klal Yisroel- the tens of thousands of loyal supporters around the world, who know and recognize the heart that Refuah Helpline has, and who will continue with their support so that more people can be helped, till we will be zoche to the geula, and no one will know of any pain.


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