Mayor Adams Allocates $900 Million for Safer, Cleaner, and Greener Streets

Mayor Adams Allocates $900 Million for Safer, Cleaner, and Greener Streets

By Yehudit Garmaise

Mayor Eric Adams allocated $900 million of his Executive Budget for the 2023 fiscal year to create "safer, cleaner, and greener streets” citywide, he said Tuesday at Kings Theater in Brooklyn.

While describing the programs that will result from his $99.7 billion budget, Adams explained that he aims to protect New Yorkers from traffic violence by building up safety measures on the city’s streets.

Department of Transportation (DOT) workers, for instance, in Adams’ first 100 days in office, have started to increase the safety at 1,000 intersections by providing better traffic signals and raised crosswalks.

The DOT also has been working to create streets that are more accessible to seniors and New Yorkers with disabilities and completing physical barriers along 20 miles of established bike lanes. 

“We will build more bus lanes to facilitate faster commuting: complete with countdown clocks [at bus stops] so you don't have to guess when the bus is coming,” the mayor said with a laugh, referring the only thing on the mind of everyone who has ever waited for a city bus.

Mayor Adams’ budget also committed $75 million to make permanent the Fair Fares program that provides discounted rides and further encourage New Yorkers to rely on public transit.

The budget also earmarks funds to try new approaches to reduce the number of trucks and vans on the roads by creating innovative ways that provide last-mile deliveries: without holding up traffic and blocking sidewalks.

While “too often in the past,” the mayor said, “we saw physical changes to our city that did not benefit all of our communities,” he said that the city must continue to create safer streets in all five boroughs equitably.

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