Mayor Adams Casts His Vote

Mayor Adams Casts His Vote

By Yehudit Garmaise

After Mayor Eric Adams cast his vote today, reporters asked him whether he would be able to work with US Rep. Lee Zeldin, if he is elected in a race whose outcome is way too close to predict.

“I don't even know why I need that question,” responded the mayor, who endorsed Gov. Kathy Hochul. “Kathy's winning tonight.

“And I'm looking forward to continuing the partnership that we've had. So I cast my vote for her and I'm excited about continuing some of the good stuff we've done.

With crime at the forefront of most voters’ concerns, Mayor Adams said that Gov. Hochul “has been a real partner in dealing with the removal of guns off our street.”

Mayor Adams said on Jan. 6th, Gov. Hochul “was in the subway station with me dealing with subway violence,” which is something she is continuing to do, he added.

Whenever Mayor Adams heads to a polling site, he said he remembers when he was a child and his mother not only took him to vote with her, but she put his finger on the name of Percy Sutton, “who was the first African American who had a real run for mayor.

“Mom planted that seed, and now I'm the mayor. I'm able to go in and not only vote for the governor I want, but I had an opportunity to vote for the mayor I wanted.”

When aides tried to quiet a particularly raucous New Yorker who interrupted the mayor’s press conference to call him a “fascist and traitor,” the mayor remained unruffled.

“No, no, no,” the mayor said. “Let her finish. This is America.”

To Mayor Adams’ detractors, he said, “I love them. I pray for them. 

“I want them to pray for me, and let's continue to pray for each other. And let's not talk at each other, let's talk to each other.”

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