Mayor Adams Continues NYC’s COVID State of Emergency, Upholds Requirement to Show Vax Proof at Indoor Venues

Mayor Adams Continues NYC’s COVID State of Emergency, Upholds Requirement to Show Vax Proof at Indoor Venues

By Yehudit Garmaise

Mayor Eric Adams’ first orders of business, in his first day in office yesterday, were to sign two executive orders that continue COVID-related policies that were first put into place by former Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Adams’ first executive order continued NYC’s “state of emergency” status that empowers the city to enact, to save lives in times of physical danger, policies that it would normally not be permitted to do. In addition to pandemics, other “states of emergency” natural disasters, civil unrest, armed conflicts, and other biosecurity risks. 

Establishing a city, state, or country as in a “state of emergency can be used as a pretext for suspending rights and freedoms that are ordinarily legally guaranteed.

In Adams’ second executive order of his administration, he maintained the “Key to NYC” order that requires proof of two shots of vaccination for residents ages 5 and up to be admitted to indoor dining, fitness centers, and entertainment venues.

Adams signed the executive orders after giving his first inaugural speech, in which he said he wanted put the "continual crises" of the last two years behind the city.

“We will not be controlled by crises," Adams said.

Ushering in a new spirit of optimism in the city, Adams said, "The last two years have trapped our spirit, and it is begging to be let out. We are a city of about 9 million reams, and we are about to wake up. I cannot wait to greet this new day with you.

“Not only am I physically walking into City Hall, but hope is walking into City Hall."

Later Adams tweeted, “Our focus in the weeks and months ahead will be on beating back the Omicron surge and putting our city on a path toward an equitable recovery. We’ll work day-in and day-out to get that done.” 

Credit: Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office.

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