Mayor Adams Honors Jewish Heritage Month

Mayor Adams Honors Jewish Heritage Month

By Idy Perl

Mayor Adams hosted an event last night in Gracie Mansion to honor Jewish Heritage Month. At the event he recognized exceptional Jewish organizations and leaders for their contributions to the community. 

He started out by honoring Chaveirim’s dedication to the community, saying that they’re always there whenever someone is in need and personify the mitzvah of giving back to the community.

The mayor then honored his good friend and Senior Adviser, Joel Eisdorfer, who will be transitioning to a different role and leaving the mayor’s staff. Joel Eisdorfer delivered a speech thanking the mayor for his dedication to the Jewish community, especially during trying times. 

“Mayor Eric Adams' unwavering support for the Jewish community and his commitment to combating hate and bigotry have set a powerful example for the world,” he said. “His leadership has been guiding light in our city, fostering a culture of respect, understanding, and unity.”

Mayor Adams then spoke about Joel, calling him “a real mensch.” The mayor honored him with a special award for his hard work over the last few years. 

“It's a rarity that you find someone that no one has anything negative to say about,” the mayor stated. “He has shown what it means to be a great New Yorker, to be a great American, and to be a great member of the Jewish community.”  

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